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21/03/2012 02:00

Global Food Insecurity: Rethinking Agricultural and Rural Development Paradigm and Policy

  Co-edited by Mohamed Behnassi, Sidney Draggan and Sanni Yaya. Published by Springer, Netherlands. 2011. Link to Springer page DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE OF THE WORK   Food security is a human right, and its provision is a common responsibility. Official recognition of this...


21/03/2012 00:00

Changement climatique, crise énergétique et insécurité alimentaire: Le monde en quête d’un visage durable

Édité par Sanni YAYA et Mohamed BEHNASSI. Les Presses de l’Université Laval, 350p. 2011 (ISBN: 978-2-7637-9485-3) LIEN EXTERNE RÉSUMÉ ​Les grands enjeux liés à l’interaction entre changement climatique, sécurité alimentaire et développement durable ont fait l’objet d’importants...


21/03/2012 00:00

Sustainable Agricultural Development: Recent Approaches in Resources Management and Environmentally-Balanced Production Enhancement

Co-edited by Mohamed Behnassi, Shahid A. Shabbir and Joyce D’silva. Published by Springer,  2011. Link to Springer page DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE OF THE WORK Most of the developing countries are situated in water scarce region, where water resources are fully exploited and non renewable...


26/02/2012 10:27

Call for proposals - GECS-2012

"Global Environmental Change and Security: The Need for a New vision for Science, Policy and Leadership (Cimate Change as an Opportunity)", Marrakech, November 22-23-24, 2012. VISIT THE CONFERENCE HOMEPAGE


21/04/2011 01:34

Santé, Environnement et Développement: Approche Conceptuelle et Études Empiriques

  Édité par Mohamed Behnassi et Mohamed A. Mekouar, Éditions Universitaires Européennes, 2011 (ISBN 978-613-1-55414-8), 130p.   SYNOPSIS On reconnaît à présent la difficulté de concrétiser la durabilité sans investir dans le capital humain et environnemental. Cet...


20/12/2010 18:42

Gouvernance Mondiale de Développement Durable: Apport des Négociations Multilatérales

Cet ouvrage, édité par Dr. Mohamed Behnassi, Directeur du Centre Nord-Sud de Recherches en Sciences Sociales (NRCS), sera publié par les Editions Universitaires Européennes, Germany, ISBN: 978-613-1-55414-8 (Date de publication: décembre 2011). Synopsis On soutient que les négociations...


27/09/2010 00:52

Resarch Project (2010-2012)

Sustainable management of marine ecosystems and fisheries resources in the context of the new National Fisheries Strategy (Halieutis Plan)


31/03/2010 02:10

Health, Environment and Development

Mohamed Behnassi and Azzedine Mekouar (2010), Health, Environment and Development: Conceptual Approaches and Empirical Studies”, Agadir: Ibn Zohr University Press, forthcoming.


31/03/2010 02:09

Climate Change, Energy Crisis, and Food Insecurity

Mohamed Behnassi & Sanni Yaya (2010), Climate Change, Energy Crisis, and Food Insecurity: The World in Quest of a Sustainable Face, Quebec: Laval University Press, forthcoming.


31/03/2010 02:08

Global Food Insecurity

Mohamed Behnassi and Sidney Draggan (2010), Global Food Insecurity: Rethinking Agricultural and Rural Development Paradigm and Policy, Netherlands: Springer, Forthcoming