Center for Research on Environment, Human Security & Governance



The CERES, previously the North-South Center for Social Sciences (NRCS), 2008-2015, is an independent and not-for-profit research institute founded by a group of researchers and experts from Morocco and other countries. The CERES aims to develop research and expertise relevant to environment and human security and their governance from a multidimensional and interdisciplinary perspective. As a think tank, the CERES aspires to serve as a reference point, both locally and globally through rigorous research and active engagement with policy-making processes. Through its research program, the CERES aims to investigate the links between environmental/climate change, their implications for human security and the needed shifts to be undertaken in both research and policy. 

The CERES, lead by Dr. Behnassi and mobilizing a large international network of researchers and experts, aims to undertake original research, provide expertise and contribute to effective science and policy interactions through its publications, seminars and capacity building.