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After the huge success of the 2009 International Conference on "The Integration of Sustaianble Agriculture, Rural Developement and Ecosystems in the Context of Food Insecurity, Climate Change and the Energy Crisis", held in Agadir, the 2011 International Conference on "Climate Change, Agri-Food, Fisheries and Ecosystems: Reinventing Research, Innovation and Policy Agendas for Enviromentally- and Socially-Balanced Growth" (ICCAFFE2011) is expected to sustain the debate on the above key issues taking into consideration the current evolutions and required adjustment in perspective and approach [...] read more

Conference Context

  • Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change: Disappointment and Poor Outcome
  • Food Crisis and the Fragility of Governing Earth's Food Security Governance
  • Depletion of Global Marine Biodiversity: Implications in terms of Food Security and Ecosystem Services
  • Climate Change, Plant Biodiversity, and Forest Ecosystems [...] read more

Conference Themes

  • Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture
  • Climate Change Adaptation in Food and Agriculture Perspective
  • Innovation to Address Climate Change Challenges
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Capacity Building
  • Biofuel Linkages with Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
  • Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management
  • Contesting the Agro-Food System in the Context of Climate Change
  • Farm Animal Welfare and Sustainable Production and Consumption
  • Food’s Climate Impact and the Need for a Green- and Climate-Friendly Consumerism
  • Climate Change, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Proactive and Coordinated Policy and Management Action Responses and Communication to Relevant Stakeholders [...] read more

Research-Policy Interaction Day: Special Call for Decision-Makers

The "Research-Policy Interaction Day” is designed to foster exchange and interaction between two categories of relevant actors (that is, researchers and decision-makers) at the heart of the ICCAFFE2011's objectives. By organizing this event and bringing together researchers, experts, ministries, operating  professional and development organizations, NGOs, advisory and support services, the Interaction Day aims to reinforce the collaboration between the scientific sphere and the practical sphere [...]  read more